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Ice Machines

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Does your business need a new ice machine?


Does your current ice machine not work the way it used to?


How would you like to have someone temporarily check, service and repair your ice machine to avoid any issues on a busy day?


We do all of the above at Cool Breeze.


Call us today for a quote on a new ice machine or to have one of our experienced technicians come take a look at your current machine for repair.  We can also place you on an Ice Machine Maintenance Program to make sure your machines are running well and efficiently at all times!


We work with: Manitowoc, Koolaire, Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman and Hoshizaki




We provide an Ice Machine Rental Program for our customers that can be custom tailored to your business needs. Call us today for availability & pricing!  813-635-0000


  • Up to 600 LB of daily ice production
  • 30″ wide
  • Electric Specifications (to be added soon)
  • Stainless Steel Exteriors
  • Corrosion Free Base
  • Various types of refrigerant (most take 404 A)