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At Cool Breeze, we also provide water filters and filtration systems along with the service of these systems to our customers.


We are proud to say we provide these systems from the industry giants such as Pentair, Everpure, Shurflo and Omnipure.



We provide our customers with various models and sizes, please see below:




Espresso Softening & Filtration Systems:
Everpure Softening, Filtering and Buffering Espresso Systems (QC 71 Single Twin & Triple)


Fountain Beverage Filtration Systems:
Everpure Coldrink MC2/QC71 Systems
Everpure Coldrink FC Systems


Fountain Filtration Systems/Chloramines Systems:
Everpure Coldrink 7 CLM Systems


Ice Filtration Systems:
Everpure Ice Filtration Systems (Sincle Ice Machines, Insurice all types)
Everpure Insurice i2000 & i4000 Systems, 7FC Systems


Drinking Water Filtration Prefilters:
Everpure Prefilters


Steam Treatment Filtration Systems:
Everpure Claris Steam Treatment Filtration Systems such as Kleenstream
Everpure SR-X Scale Inhibitor System


Everpure Combination Filtration Systems:
Everpure High Flow CSR MC2 Systems
Everpure High Flow CSR Triple MC, etc. (for multiple applications)
Everpure High Flow CSR FC Systems (High Flow CSR Triple 7FC, Quad 7FC etc.)
Everpure High Flow CSR 7CLM Systems
We can also provide you with Everpure/Pentair Hybrid Filtration Systems, Water Management Systems (Simpliflow Systems, etc.), Water Boost Systems, and Endurance Filtration Systems
We also can provide individual replacement cartridges (for all of the above, Everpure 7CLM, EC210, 4SI and 7SI, etc.




Please call us today at 813-635-0000 and let one of our dedicated service agents assist you today!