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Coffee drinkers are absolutely passionate about their coffee.


While your average coffee consumer might compromise on other staples to save money, they won’t compromise their morning cup of Joe. The true coffee hound will keep coming back when they find a place that serves their perfect cup of coffee. That’s why variety and quality is a must for any business that offers coffee drinkers their daily fuel.


Our vast array of coffee products were developed to satisfy the most discriminating palate, ranging from world-class blends to regional coffee favorites. Our comprehensive menu delivers a custom coffee program to each and every one of our clients depending on their specific needs and price points.


Most blends are made from 100 percent arabica beans, but you can also choose your perfect blend from our wide variety of Colombian, flavored coffee and even decaffeinated blends. If you want a personalized house blend just for your store, Cool Breeze can custom pack and roast according to your specific coffee needs.


We also sell and distribute the best hard and soft pod coffee packaging for espresso machines from all over the globe.


See below for coffee brands and flavors!



Proud Distributor of Nespresso

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Business 2 business coffee solutions and customer service straight to your business, venue, or event!


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9 to 5 Coffee Flavors Include:
Decaf (Frac Pack)
Hazelnut (Frac Pack)
Vanilla (Frac Pack)
Mocha (Frac Pack)
Cinnamon (Frac Pack)
House Roast (Frac Pack)
Dark Roast (Frac Pack)
Colombian Roasted Whole Beans
Espresso European Beans
Italian Roast Espresso
European Roast Espresso
American Roast Espresso


Barney’s Coffee Flavors:
Caramel Creme Coffee 24/2.5 oz
Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee 24/2.5 oz
French Vanilla Creme Coffee 24/2.5 oz
Pumpkin Spice Pura Vida Coffee 24/2.5 oz
Cayman Caribbean Blend Coffee 24/2.5 oz
Santa’s White Christmas Ground Coffee 6/10 oz
Santa’s White Christmas Decaf Ground Coffee 6/10 oz
Santa’s White Christmas Coffee 24/2.5 oz
Southern Pecan Ground Coffee 6/10 oz
Jamaican Me Crazy Ground Coffee 42/3.25 oz
German Chocolate Cake Ground Coffee 42/3.5 oz



 Starbucks Medium House Roast Coffee



Folger’s Coffee Available




 GOODWEST Products:


Goodwest Iced Coffee French Vanilla
Goodwest Iced Coffee Mocha
Goodwest Liquid Creamer
Goodwest Sugar and Liquid Sugar
Goodwest Liquid Substitute
Goodwest Flavor Shots


Kona_Iced_Coffeegoodwestliquid sug



If you are looking for a specific flavor not mentioned above, chances are we carry it.  Please call our office at 813-635-0000 to ask about flavors and inquire about our Coffee options today!