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Bar Guns

Our service technicians can repair, replace or install bar guns at your establishment.


We provide 6, 8, 10 and 12 button bar guns and provide full installation.  We can replace any older model bar guns with updated current models.


We work with models and parts from Wunderbar, the worldwide leader in bar gun manufacturing. Click this link to read more about Wunderbar’s dispensers.


We can help by running soda or water lines,  through walls, ceiling and we also repair damaged lines.


We provide 8, 10 or 12 line bundle tubing wrapped in Teflon to help maintain product quality keeping any potential pollutants from penetrating through your lines in order to run your operation as sanitary as possible. We also aim to ensure that your product integrity stays in place and consistent giving you a great beverage year-round.


We can set up bar guns based on a customer’s specific application – each button pertaining to carbonated or non carbonated beverages.


We carry a wide variety of all the necessary buttons (cranberry, orange, tonic, sour, etc.) to enhance the visibility of flavors  which eliminates any waste or loss of time due to the use of the wrong products.  We sell these individual buttons with you in mind, intending to make things easier for your bartenders and servers, but in turn it eliminates any sort of excess waste of products with incorrect drink mixes that need to be re-mixed.


Please also keep in mind that we can custom order any part you may need. Call us today if you have any questions about parts, repair, replacement or installation. We are here to help.  813-635-0000