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With over 100 different bar equipment parts and machines to choose from, you can rest assured that we carry the items or provide the services you need for your location.  Whether you are in need of a part to fix your fountain drink machine or perhaps a Bunn part to repair your Granita machine, we have what you need.  Whether you need a bar gun, repairs to an existing bar gun or perhaps help with your water filter system, we have you covered.



We keep over 20 different types of machines in stock at our facility to meet your various needs at any time. We carry Bar Guns, Ice Machines, Fountain Machines and Water Filters. Please feel free to click on either of the items above that you may work with in order to see what we carry and to read more about our services.



We carry a wide array of parts in our inventory so please call us to inquire about specific parts for any of your already existing machines that are in need of service or maintenance, most likely, we carry the parts!



Also, please remember our service division.  If your current equipment requires a technician or if you are not mechanically inclined, one of our service staff members will be happy to fix your equipment.  Let us help you make your business more efficient.


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Part Examples:



We carry BUNN O MATIC Filters:


  • For 12 Cup Brewers, we carry Regular (C, S, R, O, VLPF, VPR, VP17), Regular with Narrow Base and Regular with Fast Flow.
  • For A10/Retail 8 & 10 Cup Brewers
  • For 3 Gallon Urns, specifically: U3, SRU, IC-3
  • For 3 Gallon Narrow Base
  • For 6 Gallon Urns
  • For 10 Gallon Urns
  • For Bunn System III
  • For Tea Brewers, Single & Dual Coffee Brewers and 1.5 Gallon Urns
  • For Brewers using Gourmet C Funnel
  • For Tea Brewers, System III, Dual, Dual SH and 1.5 Gallon Urns


With over thousands of different bar equipment parts, we are just one phone call away, let us help you make your business more efficient TODAY!!!



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